Wednesday prayer and fellowship

Join us at 1000 on Wednesdays in the Aldersgate Room for prayer and fellowship.

This is an opportunity to meet regularly each Wednesday for 30 minutes and create a space which enables us to have “Time to Be”. Time to be with God. Time to be with other members of the Church Family. Time to be comfortable with ourselves.

Each week the content will vary but will include some elements selected from the following:

  • Prayer (spoken and silent)
  • Reflection of a short Bible passage
  • Silence to enable us to listen to what God is saying to us
  • Singing – a hymn or a song
  • Listening to a piece of recorded music

Wednesday prayer and fellowship will normally be led by our Minister, one of our own Local Preachers or a Minister from another Methodist Church. Try to make a regular commitment to be present each week or if you can only attend occasionally you will still be made very welcome. Our regular weekly Coffee Morning follows in the Church Hall at 1030.

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