What makes a Methodist?

A spot of Bible study, a smidge of history, a scraping of theology, a pinch of prayer, a shout of singing (naturally – it’s about Methodism!), all served with tea/coffee, the obligatory biscuits, and lots of open conversation.

If you have recently been confirmed or made a member, or are thinking about membership (including transfers), would like a refresher, or are just curious, please attend! If you wonder what makes Castle Street Church like, well Castle Street – then come and find out! There are five sessions on Monday evenings in the Aldersgate Room, each starting at 1930 and running for about ninety minutes:

19th January
Introduction to Methodism – history, spirituality, structure
26th January
Relationship with God – Covenant, Holy Spirit
9th February
Images of God – images of Jesus and the Methodist Art Collection
23rd February
Bible, prayer and the class meeting
2nd March
Holy Communion

For more information, contact Alison.

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