Bible Study – Reconciling Paul

Join us on Wednesday evenings for Table Talk. We’re looking at 2 Corinthians using a Bible study called “Reconciling Paul”. Come along for a hot meal at 1900, or just for coffee and discussion at 2000.

Paul’s writings are some of the most influential in Christianity. The ideas and concepts that emerge in Paul’s letters and the interpretations of Paul’s ideas that have been developed by theologians throughout the centuries continue to hold a central place in Christian doctrine and impact the way we think about moral issues. “Reconciling Paul” affords us a special opportunity to ask whether or not we have understood Paul’s writings clearly in the past and to reflect on the relevance of his writing for our time. What was Paul actually communicating to people in the ancient world, in the context of his own time? How do Paul’s thoughts, theology, and practices maintain relevance for us today, in the context of our time?

This Bible study has been published by the Presbyterian Church of the USA. Specifically, the study focus on the following aspects of faith: generosity, grace, forgiveness, living by faith, the image of God, funds development, ambassadors of reconciliation (peacemaking), reconciliation, the ways in which Paul’s letters are a response to these themes, what was in the original letters, and Paul himself.

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