Justice Conversations – what do you think?

What does a just world look like to you? Perhaps it’s a place where everyone has more than enough to eat? Where every child in the world has a happy childhood? Where nonviolence is seen as the best way of achieving peace? Or our lifestyles enable people and planet to thrive?

In different ways we will all have experienced what justice feels like – peace, freedom, community, solidarity, being heard, having what you deserve, having more than you deserve. But many of us may have experienced injustice too, through experiences of poverty, exclusion, racism, violence or marginalisation.

Why does this matter to us as Christians? Well, justice is at the very heart of God’s nature, so as God’s followers we both encounter God’s justice and we reflect it in the world. The prophet Micah says: “What does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God”. This call to justice has been a strong one through the history of the Methodist Church, and is part of the Methodist Way of Life.

At this crucial time of change in the world, the Methodist Church, through the Walking with Micah project, is exploring what it means to be a justice-seeking church today. How should our Church challenge injustice and support others in working for justice in the future?

What matters to Methodists today? Between February and June 2022, local churches are invited to hold Justice Conversations and send in their feedback to help shape what the Methodist Church does in the future.

Our local Justice Conversation will take place on Sunday 22nd May as part of our shared service at Histon Methodist Church and continuing, before after and during our church lunch.
Absolutely everyone is invited. This is for you!

You can find out more about the Walking with Micah project here – www.methodist.org.uk/walking with-micah/

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