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Museum on a bike at CSMC

Today, at CSMC’s Welcome Wednesday we welcomed the Museum of Cambridge and their community initiative ‘Museum on a bike’ The Bike is a brilliant way for the Museum to come together with people around Cambridge, bringing local history, objects, stories, and activities to wherever they might be.

A dutch bike and table displaying artefacts

Visitors of all ages found themselves immersed in the captivating array of artefacts and objects on display. Each item sparked curiosity and wonder, prompting lively discussions and spirited guesses about their origins and functions. Many found themselves transported back in time, recalling fond memories of grandparents or other relatives who once used similar items in their own homes.

As the hall resonated with laughter and shared anecdotes, it became evident that these artefacts were not mere objects but vessels of history, carrying with them the stories and traditions of Cambridge and its local area.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us, enriching our experience with their enthusiasm and appreciation and we look forward to welcoming the museum at another time for more interesting artefacts stories, and objects telling the interesting story of Cambridge in the local area.

Four people laughing and sharing stories around a table.

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