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I’ve been part of the family at Castle Street since the early 1990s.  It’s the church where I married and where I’ve been involved in lots of activities, from toddler groups to overnight emergency accommodation for rough sleepers.

Can you share a story about a woman who you admire or has had a significant impact on your life?

There have been so many important women in my life – shaping the way I think about my personal and work life, as well as wider issues of community and politics.  If I have to name just one then I think of my grandmother. She was a really important part of my growing up and taught me a lot about family, about history, about baking, and about the Methodist church.

What initiatives or changes do you believe are needed for promoting gender equality in the world?

Education is crucial – supporting girls to go to school and continue into higher education. Policies that aim to reduce violence against women and girls are important too.

What advice would you give to young women today?

Trust yourself, do the things that you think are important, and try not to worry about what other people are thinking about you!