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Ive been coming to CSMC for about two years since I started my engineering degree at Newnham College, Cambridge.

Can you share a story about a woman who you admire or has had a significant impact on your life?

I’m not sure I can narrow down to one. When I was in my early teens I was obsessed with the Suffragettes. I think it stemmed from my interest in politics and the awe I had for those who paved the way. The world for women was so different 100 year ago – in other areas as well as politics – and I admire them and I’m very grateful for the women who have gone before me and allowed me a world where I can work towards my degree at university, have a voice in this world, and be in a position where I can be whoever I want; whereas they had to be the first and really fight for it too. 

What are you proud of in your life thus far

I’m hesitant to say it but getting to Cambridge is certainly a huge achievement, but I’m also proud I’ve kept going through all the challenges over the past few years. 

I’ve reach a point where I’m happy here and doing well and I’m so proud of all the achievements I’ve made – and keep making – to be where I am today.

What changes would you like to see to achieved in terms of gender equality?

I think its a difficult balance between wanting to lift women up and give equality to all. I think we are still at the stage we need to keep talking about this and to recognise we aren’t there yet. 

So much has improved and changed – especially here in UK and maybe less so in other countries – but I do think we still need to celebrate women in male dominated areas and continue to recognise the ares where society hasn’t done enough.

In the medical world, for example, there is such a discrepancy in medical research on women and female bodies and how medical conditions of all types affect women differently and theres such a lack of knowledge. It’s really hard if you can’t get the medical help you need cause the research and knowledge isn’t there and it can really impact other areas of your life. It’s a big problem for many women.

What advice would you share with young women today?

Growing up I went through phases of being feminine and playing more with masculinity and everyone has their own way of identifying themself. But I think in the last few years I’ve found a way to marry the two sides within me. 

Its okay to express your femininity and to be proud of that and not to think you have to act more masculine – unless thats what you want to do of course!