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From the minster’s desk – July 2024

What a whirlwind June was! We had so many exciting and wonderful events and opportunities for worship; thank you for all your support and for the way you engaged – it was great to see the church so alive in so many ways.

July will see the harvest of our £10 talent challenge, and we celebrate all the wonderful things people have done to help raise money for the toilet project at Histon. If you have any photos, please send them to me and if you’ve done something with your £10, do let me know so I can include you. If you’ve already told me: tell me again – I’m paranoid I’m going to miss someone off my list. They will be a feature of our section service in Histon on Sunday 21 July.

And while you’re in Histon on 21 July, why not stay and have lunch before coming over to the manse for our Open Gardens at 2pm. I’m not promising the level of gardening that Su and Nick offered at their NGS gardens last month, but this is an opportunity for a social gathering for both churches to come and enjoy each other’s company and see how the manse garden has progressed.

If you’re looking for a holiday and always wanted to visit Jersey; Matthew and I will be doing a concert at Georgetown Methodist Church on Thursday 29 August. You’re very welcome to head over!

Thanks to everyone who has asked about my mum after her recent pneumonia; she passes on her thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers, and continues to get better very slowly.

Thanks also to everyone who has asked about Paul and his training – it’s going well – 21July will be his first flight on the A321 on a practice circuit in Hungary and once he’s done enough of these, he will start flying actual people (under supervision) to finish his training.

If you have a prayer to spare, do remember me as I take a group of Rangers (older Guides) to Switzerland for 10 days at the end of July for a trip of a lifetime to visit one of the World Centres of Girlguiding. I look forward to coming back and boring you all with stories

Every blessing

Rev Jenny

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