If you’re looking for a church home from home, a church of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, a place for you to explore faith with others, rooted in prayer and worship, committed to social justice – then Castle Street is for you!

On Sunday mornings you will get to know our church members and find out more about the church including our weekly students and young adults group “TableTalk”, where you are welcome to socialise and talk about faith.

We’re not a typical “student church” – we have a thriving group of young adults, and students always find a place, make a greatly valued contribution and experience Castle Street as a church home and place of affirmation and development.

You will find opportunities to participate, serve and lead, friendship and welcome for all. We are an inclusive church.  You are welcome whether you are fresher or returner, just out of home or a mature student, regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, faith or cultural background.

We are a link church with the Student Christian Movement and Fusion.

Student testimonies

I arrived at Castle Street for the first time with no idea what to expect, but by God’s grace I found something I never expected. I found exactly what I needed—a strong, vibrant, and diverse community of faith. I saw this in the deep care and commitment they had for one another, and I felt it their readiness to welcome me into their community from day one. My experiences there are something that I will always treasure.

Tiffany, Wesley House & Fitzwilliam College, Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies

As soon as I stepped into Castle Street, I felt at home. They really embraced this small-town girl from Alabama. Whether it was Sunday morning service, Table Talk midweek, or the random get together, I was encouraged to build my relationship with Christ and his followers. Although I intended to be just a church attendee, I soon found myself a rather active participant in all church functions. I love how Castle Street encouraged me to grow in all aspects of my life. I am forever thankful for the two years I spent with my Castle Street family.

Caitlin, an English scholar at St. John’s College

Castle Street gave me a family to grow in and a space to be in, amidst the busyness and stress of term time! People loved me and were interested in me and shared their lives with me – which helped me to not get sucked into the whirlwind of intense study. It also helped me to see God in their lives and discover a bigger, better, more loving, more exciting God than I’d known before – for me it was a safe place to be and learn and grow!

Rebekah, Magdalene College, Theology

I really loved being a part of Castle Street. Right from the start I was welcomed and it felt like home. Table talk especially was a great place where I made some amazing friends. I particularly remember sometimes in my final year, when the world seemed to be falling apart (Trump and Brexit year), and we were able to just be together, and be there for each other. There were so many times when I was challenged, but I also really valued the space to be myself, and to be able to ask tough questions without getting off-the-shelf answers.

Esther Redpath, Engineering, Jesus College (2012 – 2016)