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Worship Leader


Training progress

Local preacher (M5-8)
Worship leader (M1-4)
Equality, diversity, and justice

I do not claim to hear a calling, but I can feel a calling. Something nudging me towards helping out and providing a voice for others to hopefully resonate with. 

When the covid pandemic hit and all church services stopped abruptly, there was a void, and in the void I could feel the need for connection and the need to bridge the gap and give people something to hold on to.

I want to provide a voice  for LGBT+ methodists that confirms to them that they are understood, and that there is a future for everyone in the church. There are some people stuck in the past and can’t come to terms with the progress and equality that is due to everyone, but I hope to be seen and heard – and that it gives courage to someone doubting their place in the Methodist Church.


Kirk wears many different hats in CSMC and acts as worship leader, local preacher (in training), website admin, media handler, giraffe wrangler, and online steward.

Kirk grew up in Paisley, Scotland, and attended Paisley Methodist Central Halls before moving to Cambridge.

They married their husband in 2021 in a covid secure ceremony and in their spare time enjoy hiking, gaming, and writing.

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