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Rev Jenny

Ever since I can remember I knew I’d end up serving the Church in some way and it’s been a great journey of growth for me the whole time.  I became a Chapel Warden when I was at St John’s College Durham and enjoyed the challenges of being a steward and gave me a valuable insight into the hard work stewards in churches do!  After graduating, I worked for the Methodist Church in Norwich as a Lay Worker for three years.  I offered for ministry within the Church, was accepted and trained for three years.  My first appointment was in North Norfolk before moving to the Channel Islands and working in Jersey. 
It’s true when they say ministers only have three sermons, they come out differently each week.  Mine are:
1. You are loved and treasured and adored by God just as you are.
2. God has an amazing and exciting plan for you, just say yes!
3. Following Jesus is hard, but it’s totally worth it.
This is an amazing church, it’s the family you’ve been looking for and you’re the person we’ve been waiting for to make us complete.

Jenny studied linguistics at Durham and then became a lay worker in Norwich where she met her husband Paul, who is a pilot and philosopher. After training for ministry she worked in North Norfolk for six years before moving to Jersey for five years and returned back to England in 2022.

In her spare time she loves playing the piano and recently completed her diplomas with all three exam boards and is plucking up the courage to start her Licentiate exam (if that means nothing to you – it’s just a very hard exam!). She also loves the Dallas Cowboys and will happily bore you with details during the season! Jenny is equally Sri Lankan as she is English and enjoys visiting her parents who moved back to Sri Lanka after the war.


Rev Jenny is a budding musician in her spare time, currently studying for a Masters degree in Music and her Licentiate in performance on the piano. She also loves a cheeky bit of karaoke.
She's proud of her Sri Lankan heritage and goes to see her parents and family who live just south of Jaffna when possible.

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